About Coach D

My name is C. Denise Winter, also known as Coach D. I am the founder of Pure Heart Coaching Services LLC (PHCS). I have a deep desire to see people live healthy, whole, successful lives through coaching, workshops, and training classes for individuals or groups. I value effective communication techniques, people, and successful processes.

As a public servant working over 35 years in the Executive sector, I have developed focused workshops to help organizations and individuals reach personal and professional goals. Through proven coaching techniques, I provide healthy coping mechanisms to clients seeking work/life balance while effectively managing personal and professional goals.

Additionally, I serve as a leader, offering spiritual direction to the faith-based community. As an ordained Elder, my experience lent itself to serving six years as an Associate Pastor in a local church.  I provide congregational sermons, marriage, and individual coaching sessions, and advanced leadership training. With my excellent communication and interpersonal skills, I motivate and inspire members of the congregation, invariably leading to a positive impact on individuals, families, and the faith-based community.


As a child, I have always had a passion for people and developing relationships. When playing games or eating lunch, I was the kid that made sure no one was left out. In stages of my life, I also remember people feeling extremely comfortable talking to me and sharing their deepest feelings and thoughts.


As I matured through my own life experiences, I witnessed times when people I came across did not have an opportunity and safe place to share and be vulnerable. Or someone that would listen intently, providing an environment for them to speak freely and think.


This is why I became a life coach and opened Pure Heart Life Coach Services. At Pure Heart Life Coach, I offer a safe environment where you can speak freely and be vulnerable. A place you can openly discuss life's many challenges while gaining healthy professional strategies to navigate life and come to favorable resolutions.

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"Always remember, your focus determines your reality." ~ George Lucas

The Mission


The Pure Heart Coaching Services’ (PHCS) mission is designed to assist clients to reach the highest achievements and productivity possible through personal engagement, and development forums for individuals to achieve personal growth and build confidence. This mission will help clients recognize hidden issues, retrain self-defeating behavior and thought patterns, and create better realities and outcomes.


PHCS's vision is recognized through successful coaching, keynote speaking, and certified training restoring confidence and belief in the hearts of clients to accomplish their highest achievements and purpose-filled lives. ​

PHCS's purpose is to bring out the conqueror in every client as we journey and create mindsets that contribute to healing and being victorious in all aspects of life.