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Coach D is a public service worker that has devoted her life to building and educating community on experiences that affect the heart and how those effects reflect in our behaviors and how we show up everyday. 

Coach D is no stranger to a pattern of unhealthy relationships, unhealthy community and unhealthy internal speech. Coming to a place of understanding self awareness has pushed me to advocate and be a voice for those that are heart broken and feel they can never bounce back from the experiences of life that have left them lower than life. 

Coach D brings a plethora of life's experiences to bring to her clients include: rebuilding herself after failures in relationships, readjusting from self sabotaging behaviors, building and developing healthy emotional practices and patterns and healthy co parenting skills.

Coach D is a firm believer that our life's experiences often lead us to the path that will help us free the many that are coming behind us. 


Are you ready for the shift?

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